Train Your Staff
Welcome to our comprehensive urology sales representative training program, where excellence meets expertise. This program is tailored to empower sales representatives with in-depth knowledge and specialized skills essential for success in the dynamic field of urology. Our mission is to equip you with the tools and insights needed to excel in this specialized industry, fostering both your professional growth and the betterment of urological healthcare. Join us in shaping the future of urology sales, one informed representative at a time.
AUAPlus is a cutting-edge educational program for industry professionals. It provides industry representatives with relevant and clinical information about specific urologic conditions so they are prepared to serve the community. AUAPlus aims to increase a representative's understanding of urologic conditions while providing updates on late-breaking science and insights on day-to-day practice. Participants can expect to gain a deeper understanding of how the patient treatment process works.
The AUAPlus program includes:
  • 1 to 2-day classroom/workshop sessions led by leaders in urology
  • Targeted learning objectives based on AUA Guidelines
  • Current disease state knowledge
  • Perspectives from patients, providers and interdisciplinary care team
For more information, please contact Mikayla Barlett, Director, Global Educational Grants ( or Emily Whittington, Educational Grants Manager (
of participants rated the overall quality “Excellent” or “Very Good”
of participants would strongly recommend AUAPlus to others
average improvement in pre- and post-test scores (61% to 80%)
*Based on 681 urology and oncology specialty sales representatives completing the AUAPlus Program (2016-2021)
"I can talk to physicians in their language and be more productive at the time we speak with them."
"Speakers were outstanding. Kept us engaged throughout the entire 2 day training and provided us great insight into their way of approaching patient care."