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AUANewsWorthy Webinars
Are you a pharmaceutical or medical device company ready to seize the spotlight in the world of urology and oncology? Act swiftly and secure your 2024 AUANewsWorthy Webinar - a premium platform to host your non-CME education and engage with urologists, oncologists, residents, fellows, and advanced practice providers (APPs). With only one opportunity available each month, this is your chance to showcase, educate, and connect with your target audience.
Only 12 Spots Available Per Year!
Don't miss your chance to be part of this exclusive series. These webinars are scheduled for the 3rd Thursday of each month at 3pm Eastern.
Benefits of Securing your Spot:
  • An exclusive webinar page on dedicated to your event to include:
    • Up to three pre-approved supplemental materials for maximum engagement
    • Event Description
    • Speaker Bio(s) and Headshot(s)
    • Personalized RSVP for your webinar that will send interested attendees a calendar invite
  • Promotional emails sent twice a month to AUA members. Every email will include:
    • A leaderboard ad (featuring the sponsoring company for that month)
    • A webinar spotlight section to include the event date, title, description, speaker bio(s) and headshot(s) for the webinar occurring that month
    • A full schedule of upcoming webinars as well as links to past webinars available on-demand
  • Seamless logistical support and cutting-edge software platform
  • A direct link to the webinar and on-demand viewing page for you to promote to your clients
  • Continuous visibility through upcoming and past webinar listings, reinforcing your presence
  • Strategic social media posts to amplify your industry impact
Act Now - What We Need From You:
In order to market your program effectively we’ll need the following details at least one month prior to your program:
  • High-resolution logo for impactful branding
    • Utilized on the marketing emails during the month of your webinar and on your webinar page on the AUANews site.
  • An attention-grabbing 650x80 banner ad for impactful email campaigns
    • Utilized on the marketing emails during the month of your webinar
  • An engaging Program Title that captivates interest
    • Utilized in all marketing emails throughout the year and on your webinar page on the AUANews site
  • A concise Program Description (500 characters or less) to intrigue your audience
    • Utilized in the marketing emails during the month of your webinar and on your webinar page on the AUANews site
  • Speaker(s) information, including compelling bios (500 characters or less) and professional headshots
    • Speaker names are utilized in all marketing emails throughout the year
    • Speaker name(s), headshot(s) and bio(s) are utilized in the marketing emails during the month of your webinar and on your webinar page on the AUANews site
Choose Your Presentation Style:
Tailor your engagement experience to your preference:
  • Presentation Options:
    • Electrify your audience with a Live presentation or deliver a Pre-recorded video
  • Chat Options:
    • Foster real-time interaction with Live chat during the presentation, or choose chat functionality turned off
  • Live Q&A Options:
    • Engage directly with your audience in a Q&A Session after the presentation through a live Zoom call, or opt for a streamlined session without Q&A
Secure Your Spot Today!
With limited space and exceptional competitiveness, seize the chance to secure a spot on your customer's calendar in 2024.
Clinical Guidelines Licensing
The AUA Clinical Guidelines continue to be the number one benefit of AUA members. Used by the global urology community, the AUA Clinical Guidelines are an integral element of clinical urology.
*Licensing the AUA Clinical Guidelines is available.
  • Use of one AUA clinical guideline in one asset for 12 months - $10,000 per guideline/asset
  • Use of one AUA clinical guideline in unlimited assets for 12 months - $50,000 per guideline
  • Use of all AUA clinical guidelines in unlimited assets for 12 months - $100,000
*AUA will need to approve the content of each asset, including any edits to an existing approved asset.
AUA Clinical Guidelines
As of January 2024
Published Guidelines
  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (2021, Amended 2023)
  • Bladder Cancer (2):
    • Muscle Invasive (2017, Amended 2020; AUA/ASCO/ASTRO/SUO) *Under Revision
    • Non-Muscle Invasive (2016, Amended 2020, 2024; AUA/SUO)
  • Cryptorchidism (2014, Validity Confirmed 2018) *Under Review
  • Incontinence (3):
    • Incontinence after Prostate Treatment (2019; AUA/SUFU) *Under Revision
    • Non-Neurogenic Overactive Bladder in Adults (2012, Amended 2014, 2019; AUA/SUFU) *New Guideline Due 2024
    • Stress Urinary Incontinence (2017, Amended 2023; AUA/SUFU)
  • Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome (2011, Amended 2014, 2022)
  • Male Infertility (2020; AUA/ASRM) *Under Revision
  • Male Sexual Dysfunction (5):
    • Disorders of Ejaculation (2020; AUA/SMSNA)
    • Erectile Dysfunction (2018)
    • Peyronie’s Disease (2015)
    • Priapism (2022; AUA/SMSNA)
    • Testosterone Deficiency (2018) *Under Review
  • Microhematuria (2020; AUA/SUFU) *Under Review
  • Neurogenic Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction (2021; AUA/SUFU)
  • Prostate Cancer (5):
    • Adjuvant and Salvage Radiotherapy after Prostatectomy (2013, Amended 2018, 2019; AUA/ASTRO) *New Guideline due 2024
    • Advanced Prostate Cancer (2020, Amended 2023; AUA/SUO)
    • Clinically Localized (2022; AUA/ASTRO)
    • Early Detection (2023; AUA/SUO)
    • Hypofractionated Radiation Therapy for Localized Prostate Cancer: An ASTRO, ASCO and AUA Evidence-Based Guideline (2018)
  • Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections in Women (2019, Validity Confirmed 2022; AUA/CUA/SUFU)
  • Renal Mass and Localized Renal Cancer (2017; Amended 2021)
  • Stone Disease (2): *New Guideline Due 2025/2026
    • Surgical Management of Kidney Stones (2016; AUA/ENDO) *New Guideline Due 2025/2026
    • Medical Management of Kidney Stones (2014; Validity Confirmed 2019) *New Guideline Due 2025/2026
  • Testicular Cancer (2019, Amended 2023)
  • Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma (2023; AUA/SUO)
  • Urethral Strictures (2016, Amended 2023)
  • Urotrauma (2014; Amended 2017, 2020)
  • Vasectomy (2012; Validity Confirmed 2015) *New Guideline Due 2025
  • Vesicoureteral Reflux (2010, Amended 2017, Validity Confirmed 2022)
Guidelines Under Development
  • Salvage Therapy (Due 2024; AUA/ASTRO/SUO
  • Overactive Bladder (Due 2024; AUA/SUFU)
  • Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (Due 2024; AUA/AUGS/SUFU)
  • Chronic Pelvic Pain in Men (Due 2024)
  • Stone Disease, Medical and Surgical (Due 2025/2026)
  • Vasectomy (Due 2025)
Print & Digital Advertising
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