Independent Medical Education
At our core, we understand the pivotal role that continuous learning and professional development play in the ever-evolving field of urology. Our commitment is unwavering – to empower urologists with the resources they need to stay at the forefront of innovation and patient care. With a passion for knowledge and a dedication to improving patient outcomes, we proudly offer a platform where urologists can access the critical education they need to ultimately enhance the quality of patient care.
Webinars & Webcasts
A live webinar is ~60-minutes in length and include the capture of pre- and post-test participant responses. The technology will allow for a Q&A section with the live audience to ensure all learning objectives have been met. To extend the reach of the activity, the AUA will record the live virtual course. The video will be posted on AUAUniversity’s YouTube channel to reach a new audience of learners. A webcast will also be hosted on AUA’s online learning system, AUAUniversity, as an enduring material for up to one year. The online format will include the video capture of the live event, the slide presentations, additional resource materials such as guidelines that are discussed during the presentations and associated patient resource materials. Additionally, the recording will be released as an episode on AUA’s very popular podcast. The on-demand activities will allow the learner to access this content as they need it. These can be produced in multiple languages as well.
AUAUniversity Podcasts
    • Two subject matter experts will be identified and the Chair of the AUA Office of Education will work with the physicians to develop interview questions for the 30-40-minute episodes. The episodes will be recorded and released on the AUAUniversity podcast. Participants will have access to the post-tests on AUAUniversity.
Needs Assessments
The AUA will develop qualitative and quantitative instruments to gather data from a variety of sources, including interviews, focus groups, knowledge and practice based surveys. The AUA will appoint a leading urologist and advanced practice provider tasked with reviewing the qualitative and quantitative measurement tools. The assessment tools will measure knowledge, attitude, competence, practice patterns, barriers to change, and learning style preferences. The AUA will perform a comprehensive analysis of the data gathered and assess the educational implications of the data. The AUA will disseminate a final report summarizing all components of the needs assessment.