Clinical Trials
The American Urological Association (AUA) is aware of the myriad of challenges that exist in launching and moving clinical trials forward in urology. We are committed to working with our partners and the community at large to find efficient and impactful ways of improving the process from beginning to end so that we can expedite discovery into clinical care and enhance the lives of our patients. This document focuses on the awareness and engagement piece of the challenge. We believe these new programs will elevate the awareness, understanding, and discussion around clinical trials in urology and place this important conversation at the heart of our community, reaching urologists, the entire health care team, and patients.
AUA Clinical Trials Collective (AUACTC)
Over the course of three years, the AUACTC aims to develop and implement a comprehensive physician education dissemination plan. Through this physician education dissemination plan, the AUACTC aims to enhance awareness, improve trial site practices, train navigators, promote effective communication, and streamline access to clinical trials. These efforts will contribute to advancing medical research and improving patient outcomes.
The AUACTC will consist of a Chair, and twelve (12) clinical trial expert physicians that are AUA members.
Industry partners will have the opportunity to sit on the AUACTC through an annual membership. Each industry partner member can secure a seat on the AUACTC for an annual membership fee of $50,000.
Those interested should contact Keith Price, Sponsorships & Exhibits Sr. Manager, at Membership commitments are due no later than 12/15/23 for 2024.
Mission Statement
The group’s mission is to address and overcome the challenges faced by clinical trials, including resource constraints, lack of clinical trial navigators, physician unawareness of clinical trials, and reaching underrepresented patients in rural communities.
Focus Areas
The AUACTC will focus on the following areas:
  • Resource Constraints: The group will discuss resource constraints faced by clinical trial sites, including financial and personnel resources. They will identify strategies to overcome these challenges and ensure adequate resources are available for conducting clinical trials.
  • Clinical Trial Navigators: The group will address the lack of clinical trial navigators who can guide patients through the clinical trial process. They will explore the feasibility of developing clinical trial navigator training programs to ensure patients have access to the support they need.
  • Physician Awareness: The group will address the lack of physician awareness of clinical trials, including identifying strategies to improve physician education and awareness of clinical trials for referrals.
  • Underrepresented Patients: The group will discuss the challenges faced by underrepresented patients in rural communities and identify strategies to increase their participation in clinical trials.
Committee Meetings
  • The AUACTC will convene three meetings annually to assess progress and plan future initiatives. In year #1, two of these gatherings will be held in person, with one at the AUA Annual Meeting, and the other in the fall at the AUA Headquarters. The third meeting will be conducted virtually in the summer, fostering continuous collaboration and communication among physician leaders and pharmaceutical members despite potential geographic and travel barriers. Following year 1, the group will meet in person at annual meeting and then convene virtually for the other two meeting.
  • Virtual meetings will facilitate efficient teamwork, while the in-person meeting at the AUA’s Annual Meeting and Headquarters will provide a chance for face-to-face discussions and interactions. By adhering to a consistent meeting schedule, the AUACTC can stay on track towards achieving their objectives and delivering their planned outputs. It will also allow the group to adapt their strategies as needed in response to emerging challenges and opportunities.
Needs Assessment
The AUACTC will base their recommendations on a robust needs assessment. The needs assessment will include 1:1 interviews with our industry partners to ensure their expertise and experience is captures. A literature review will be conducted to identify research that has already been published associated with areas such as barriers to clinical trials. And finally, a survey will be developed based on information gained from the interviews, literature review and the first AUACTC meeting. This survey will go out to all AUA domestic physicians and advance practice providers. The results of this overall needs assessment will be used as the foundation to develop strategies to address the challenges faced by clinical trials. The results of the survey will be available exclusively to AUACTC industry members and AUA members.
AUA is making a long-term commitment to increasing awareness of, and engagement in, clinical trials. The cornerstone of the awareness initiatives will be under the umbrella of our AUANews print and digital ecosystem. AUANews, the official newsmagazine of the AUA, the most widely read urological newsletter in the United States, is a trusted resource for the most up-to-date clinical content written by urologists, for urologists.
This high-profile print placement with accompanying online content will allow you to highlight specific clinical trials in an editorial format or simply raise awareness about the importance of clinical trials and your commitment to these through a well-crafted and thoughtful advertorial piece. The AUA’s editorial staff will format your content using AUANews copyediting and composition style to make the advertorial have the look and feel of an AUANews article. It will be marked as advertorial.
Print Supplement
Mail a complete, separate printed piece with the monthly issue of AUANews. Pricing will depend on the size and scope of the printed piece being -mailed with the issue. Our team can assist you in conceptualizing and designing the print supplement that works best for your messaging.
“Inside the Trials” and E-newsletter – Ongoing Editorial Content
AUANews will introduce an Associate Editor focused on clinical trials. The new Associate Editor will be a permanent member of the AUANews Editorial Board. This Editor will work with the Editorial Board to ensure relevant clinical trial content will be included in all 24 issues of AUANews. This creates ongoing opportunities to partner and grow the awareness of clinical trials.
This content, along with the digital content we will be developing (see podcasts and webinars below), will be consolidated into a quarterly e-newsletter called “AUANews - Inside the Trials” and sent to all AUA members. Opportunities to partner on this e-newsletter include:
  • Banner ads on e-newsletter ($3,000 for leaderboard 728x90 ad)
  • Promoting your clinical trials or related editorial content within the e-newsletter ($2,500 for 150 words with link)
  • Retargeting opportunities (see below)
The “Inside the Trials” podcast is a clinical trial-focused series that explores the latest research and innovations in urology. Each episode will feature interviews with leading urologists, researchers, and clinical trial coordinators who provide insights into their work, the latest clinical trial designs, and their potential implications for urology patients.
The podcast will follow a conversational format with a host and guest industry speaker(s). The host will introduce the guest and their expertise, followed by a discussion of a specific clinical trial. The conversation will cover the goals of the trial, the patient population involved, the trial design and methodology, and any interesting or novel findings. The host will conclude each episode with a summary of the key takeaways from the conversation.
The podcast will cover a range of urological conditions including prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney stones, urinary incontinence, and more. Each episode will focus on a different clinical trial or series of trials related to the topic at hand.
Target Audience
The “Inside the Trials” podcast is intended for urologists, researchers, and anyone with an interest in clinical trials related to urologic conditions. It will provide a valuable resource for those seeking to stay up-to-date on the latest research and findings in the field.
Release Schedule
The podcast will be released on a bi-monthly schedule, with each episode running approximately 15-20 minutes in length. The first season will consist of six episodes, with the potential for additional seasons based on audience feedback and interest.
The podcast will be released on the AUANews Inside Tract podcast channel and promoted through the AUA’s myriad of promotional channels, including social media, email newsletters, AUANews eTOC alerts, and other promotional outlets. The podcast will also be made available on popular podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.
$20,000 per episode
Social Media
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Custom Email
We have a limited number of customized emails that we will send to our members on behalf of our industry partners under the “Inside the Trials—Partner Updates” umbrella. The AUA boasts tens of thousands of email addresses for its members and urologic community. As the premier and trusted association for urology, we are stewards of these valuable contacts and the AUA never sells or rents these lists. However, the AUA will send a very limited number of sponsored emails each year to our database as “partner updates.” The content for these emails is curated by the sponsor but must be approved by the AUA to ensure the integrity of our stewardship. List segmentation is available, and the AUA will provide a detailed metrics report to the sponsor.